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Knossos & Heraklion City Tour

This is the tour that reveals the secrets and life of the Minoans. A flash – back to Crete’s ancient history and Minoan Civilization as well as the spiritual strength which made Crete famous all over the world. Visit Europe’s first Palace and enter the spirit of the myths. Walking round the narrow corridors of the labyrinth construction you’ll have the opportunity to see all the samples and symbols of the progress and culture developed in Crete 4000 years ago as well as feel the mystical evidence of the Minoan grandeur. The myths come alive again after visiting the Palace of King Minos at Knossos. After Knossos Palace, we will take a guided tour of the beautiful city of Heraklion which is the capital of Crete. You may see many places of interest which will include the recently restored Venetian castle and some other nice Venetian remnants – the Famous Morosini Fountain and the pretty restored Loggia, along with many shops and sidewalk cafes.



1 day cruise to Santorini island



A fabulous one day cruise to the legendary “Atlantis”. Santorini is a magical island, considered to be one of the most picturesque of whole Mediterranean, offering incomparable beauty with volcanic terrain. Enjoy the unique view to the endless blue of the Aegean Sea, offered from whitewashed villages, hanging on the lava rocks and discover the archeological sites of the island, buried under lava, the Aegean Pompeii. Enjoy a long day and offer yourself a unique chance to explore another Greek island!

Boat from Heraklion or Rethymno port to Santorini


Samaria Gorge (Long Way)

A spectacular trip for those who love walking and have the spirit for adventure. Visit Europe’s longest and most beautiful gorge (18 km long). After an impressive drive along the North coast of Chania through the White Mountains up to Omalos Plateau, you finally face the challenge: a guided walk through the extreme beauty and diverse landscape! In this national forest you discover the Cretan fauna and flora! This hiking adventure ends at the Libyan Sea, in Ag.Roumeli: an unspoilt fishing settlement, where you can have a refreshing swim and time for lunch before the ferry takes you along the coast to Chora Sfakion or Sougia. Return to resort by coach. A full day excursion, offering a unique exchange and contrast of landscapes, between the north and south coast, mountains and sea. It is an absolute Must when in Crete!



Spinalonga island & BBQ



A mini-cruise inside the calm waters of the Mirabello Gulf, to the island of Spinalonga is one of the most popular trips. The remains of its Venetian fortification and ghostly leper barracks almost untouched through the centuries, lies silently opposite Elounda’s coast. Spinalonga’s Venetian castle is one of the main castles in Crete which was never conquered during the Turkish occupation. A guided tour will conduct you to the sorrowful destiny of the islet. The boat sails after to Kolokytha Bay for swimming in the crystal waters and a barbeque lunch. In the early afternoon, you move on to the picturesque town of Agios Nikolaos, where you can enjoy your coffee in one of the many street cafes along the pretty lake in the town center before your return to your hotel.


Cretan evening

An evening full of fun and excitement in a traditional village in the mountains. Experience the local cuisine (meal and unlimited barrel wine is served) and a show consisting of a variety of traditional music, dances and songs from all over Greece. Dancers in costumes and musicians playing the “lyre” and “bouzouki” perform a live show in front of you. Do not hesitate to try some of the dance steps on the stage! It is there and then that one gets to learn how to dance the Cretan dances. Feel and enjoy yourself as a real Cretan.



4x4 Adventure



An ideal tour for outdoor adventurers, organized by experts. Discover the natural beauties and the hidden secrets of the Cretan mountains, canyons and crystal clear seas. Drive on paved and unpaved roads, through mountainous areas with breathtaking views and deserted settlements and get acquainted with the local tradition and life style. Let us take you to secret spots that you won’t find on any map or in tourist guides. Wild sceneries, dusty tracks, and refreshing swim.



Get a taste of the real Crete!


Meet Crete

Our island offers much more than only sea and sunshine. This trip brings you to places far from the main tourist resorts of Crete, unspoiled from the effects of modern civilization. An introspective look on the real village life in the hidden mainland: get to know the people, their habits and surroundings! Admire the beauty of the mountains and valleys and feel the hospitality of the authentic villagers. We pass through many small villages each one offering its own beauty. We visit ruins of old churches, caves and water spring and much more (depending on the part of the island visited). During this trip nature offers so much beauty and a variety of herbs – flowers and plants. Lunch break takes place at a local tavern well-known for its Greek specialties. This tour gives you the chance to look a little beyond the touristy side of Crete. Taste, enjoy and understand it a little more the Cretan Way!



Chrissi island



An unforgettable cruise from Ierapetra to Europe’s southernmost Mediterranean island. A pleasant boat trip in the Libyan Sea of approximately 50 minutes duration brings you to Chrissi Island, famous for its unique “wild lonely” beauty. After disembarkation, follow the path through the cedar forest to the “golden beach” with the white sand, turquoise waters, the purple shells and fossils. An ideal place for relaxing, swimming and snorkeling! Respect this isolated fragile environment while enjoying its beauties!



West Crete Arkadi-Rethymno-Chania

This one day trip takes us to the Arkadi Monastery, located on a high plateau with a nice view of the sea below. One of the most tragic and heroic chapters in the history of the island was written here: the resistance against the Turkish occupation came to its peak in 1866 when approximately 1.000 Cretan took refuge here and instead of surrendering they dared a mass suicide by blowing up the powder warehouse.We will take a look round the monastery and the small museum where many impressive relics of the 1866 Holocaust and icons are kept. Traveling along the northwest coast we reach Chania, the former capital and the most attractive town of Crete: take a relaxing walk through the charming narrow streets in the old part of the city with the “oriental” market. Here you can find a big variety of leather goods and Cretan folk art items. Break with the possibility to have lunch, in one of the nice taverns by the Venetian Harbour. On the way back we stop in Rethymno. Visit the Venetian part of the city with the curling narrow streets and the Venetian Fortress (“Fortezza”), the Turkish minarets and fountains and feel the local turbulent history. Enjoy your coffee in one of the sea front coffee shops.



South Crete (Phaestos–Gortys–Matala)



A relaxing trip to “antiquity” and sunshine, southwest of Heraklion, beyond the mountains and through Crete's unique scenery! First stop at Phaestos, the second major Minoan archaeological site of the island, situated on a hill overlooking the fertile Messara plain and offering a wonderful view of the Ida and Asterousia mountains. The ruins of the palace complex here bring evidence of a glorious past destroyed by fire and earthquake and rebuilt shortly after. Next stop, at Gortys, the capital of the island during the Roman occupation. Visit the ancient Forum and Amphitheatre, St. Titus Basilica (dating from 5th-6th century AD.), and admire the famous Doric Law Code carved into stone. In the village of Matala a modern holiday resort on the south coast, enjoy your swimming and lunch or explore the Neolithic Caves surrounding the bay (that during the sixties hosted the “hippie” colonies)



Gramvousa – Balos cruise

A delightful trip for sun and nature lovers, along the Gramvoussa Peninsula, on the North West coast of Chania. This is a unique site of rocks and cliffs and a shelter for protected species. A challenging climbing (137 metres) to the Venetian fortress built to protect the entrance of Kissamos Gulf on the islet of pirates (Gramvoussa) invites you to enjoy the panoramic view! Later on, explore the fabulous lagoon of Balos with the calm waters and the golden seashells. Go for a walk in the ankle-deep, warm water or sit back and marvel at the breathtaking beauty of the place: the different shades of turquoise and blue contrasting vividly with the white, fine sand. Do not hesitate to join this adventure and visit one of the most beautiful and most photographed locations of the island!



Lassithi plateau – Scenery Tour



The first stop on this magnificent mountain route will be at the monastery of Kera, which is adorned with 14th century wall paintings. Originally named Kardiotissa, it was built in the 17th century and dedicated to the Virgin of Kera. You can visit the monastery and see the lovely Byzantine icons contained within the church. Continuing the ascent along a beautifully wooded route, you will arrive at the plateau of Lassithi. The view of the encircling mountains is absolutely breathtaking from here, as you drink in the fertile landscape below, which is irrigated by the power of windmills. The plateau of Lassithi is dotted with about twenty Greek villages, each more picturesque than the other. Next stop will be at Psihro where Dicteon Antron is located. A short climb will bring you to the cave, where Zeus, father of all the Greek gods, was born. A guided tour will take you into the heart of the mountain to uncover mythological stories of the ancient stalagmites and stalactites. We continue till the village of Tzermiado before traveling through the plains' villages where time seems to have been standing still for the past 100 years. Crossing the villages of the Plateau we pay a short visit to a traditional potter's factory. Leaving the Plateau, the views down to Pediada Plain are truly magnificent and a stop for photos will complete the day.